Key Features

Data Warranty for the Desktop/ Laptop Hard drives.
Hard disk capacity up to 500 GB.


With the new age called “DIGITAL AGE” you are lucky to enjoy the digital life at affordable price. Janitor’s Data Insurance ™ a data warranty for you hard disk is unique in the world and cost effective.

Where your stored digital data on computers, laptop or desktop can be retrieved in case of loss or accidental damage, virus infection or data access problem.

When you buy the expensive laptop or desktop machine to store the valuable data generally manufacturer or service provider provides you the service for repair / replace but what about the DATA which is IMPORTANT to you.

Normal protection of data or Data backup only prevent, protect, guard but doesn’t brings back if it is lost.

Janitor’s Data Insurance ™ is ultimate solution for all your valuable data worries.

Disclaimer :

Data Recovery will be done on a BEST EFFORT Basis,100% Data recovery is NOT guaranteed.

In the case of Normal Insurance, if life or goods are lost, money is paid. In the case of Data Insurance, if data is lost, only the data is returned (if it is recovered), and not money.