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About Janitor's Data Insurance ™ (JDI):

In today’s digital world, where everything is stored on computers and mobile devices, and data is the life-line of every business, Janitor Data offers Janitor’s Data Insurance (JDI).

JDI is a prepaid data recovery service which ensures data recovery at a reasonable cost. It covers data loss from unexpected events like Disk failure, Virus infection, Data access problem, deliberate sabotage, etc.


Highlights of JDI :
img1 sdf Data Warranty for the Hard disk.
sdf Hard disk capacity up to 500 GB.
sdf Windows Operating systems: Windows 98 / XP / Vista / Window7.
Disclaimer :
sdf Data Recovery is will be done on a BEST EFFORT Basis,100% Data recovery is NOT guaranteed.
sdf In the case of Normal Insurance, if life or goods are lost, money is paid. In the case of Data Insurance, if data is lost, only the data is returned (if it is recovered), and NOT money.
Pre-Requisite :
sdf Register the hard disk before data is lost, else regular data recovery rates apply.
sdf Valid only for India.