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pc   FAQ - Data Recovery
Q. What is the Success Rate of Data Recovery or What will be the Quality of the recovered files or Can we expect 100% data recovery?
A. The Success rate varies, depending on the fragmentation of data on the hard disk and the size of the files to be recovered. The less fragmented the hard disk and smaller the files, higher will be the success rate; and most importantly, the disk should NOT have been TAMPERED by anyone else.
Q .Why hard disks not returned in case of hardware failure?
A. In case of Hardware failure hard disks, we need to open the media to recover data. After opening such media it is difficult to put it back in its original and working condition.
Q. Why Part Recovery?
A. Purely to economize.
Q. On what basis are your prices charged?
A. Our charges are based on the Hard disk capacity, and our time & efforts. The price is not based on the value of the data, since data is always priceless, and it would be very costly to re-enter the data in its original form.
Q. Are your charges negotiable?
A. Sorry We don't negotiate on our charges. But if you insist on bargaining, then we will quote higher prices to start with, and then come down to our actual price !
Q. Our Hard disk is virus infected… Do you only remove viruses? What will be the charges?
A. Sorry we are not Anti-VIRUS people; but yes, we can recover your data from VIRUS infected Hard disks, and deliver it on a CD or DVD, thus giving you a permanent backup. After that, you can format and re-use your infected hard disk. In such a case, you will need to re-install the software / utilities which you were using prior to the virus infection. Data Recovery Charges will be applicable.
Q. How do you recover the data?
A. Good Question! It is not a Trade Secret, but over many years, we have developed and fine-tuned various diagnostic and recovery methods, which ensure more reliable data recovery.
In past we have recovered data from hard disks which were not functioning properly, or where most data recovery software would not work. In short, we are saying that it’s our knowledge & experience, and not just recovery software that work.
Q. Do you undertake on-site jobs?
A. Not at present. This is because we have all the required resources at our site, and if the disk is sent to us, we can operate better and faster. But we are coming out with a REMOTE DATA RECOVERY service very soon!
Q. Do you undertake pick-up and delivery of hard disks?
A. Presently, we request Mumbai customers to send the disks to our office. For outstation customers, we recommend sending the disks via courier with suitable packing to ensure that the disk is not damaged during transit.
Q.Do you guarantee data confidentiality?
A. Yes ! The data is your property and we don't allow unauthorized access to hard disks in our possession. That is one of the reasons why we call users to our site for data verification.
Q. Can you recover data from Laptop, Jazz, ZIP Drives, SCSI / RAID as well?
A. Yes. In the past we have successfully recovered data from all these media.
In the case of laptops, you need to send us all the accessories and the boot-up password (if applicable).
In case of ZIP drives, you need to send the ZIP drive along with the disks and the Software Installation floppy / CD.
In case of SCSI / RAID Hard disks, you need to send a working SCSI / RAID Controller Card.