Data recovery:  is a service to recover the lost data from hard disk, Servers, RAID, SCSI,
Pen drive, Digital camera. We successfully recovered data from Formatted HD, Dead Hard disk; HD certified by other experts, water damaged accidental deletion of the file.
It is an only option available for the client when data is lost and is very important and worth and no backup or partial backup.

Data is prices less and really to put a correct value for recovered data it self is difficult.
Why Janitor Data?

ic Technical proficiency
ic Speed.
ic Consistency.
ic Remote data verification.
ic Scalability.
ic End to End Logistic.
ic Data is 100% confidential.

How to Go ? Just Fill up the RIGHT SIDE FORM and user will get the INSTANT EMAIL with all details to proceed for data recovery.

Disclaimer :

1. Data Recovery will be done on a BEST EFFORT Basis,100% Data recovery is NOT     guaranteed.

2. In case of Hardware Fail Hard disk or non-detecting hard drive – needs to be opened and     warranty seal needs to break, So Please check with supplier whether they would honor     the warranty after the seal is broken.